New employee

Herewith we would like to introduce our newest employee for the sales department.


My name is Jeffrey den Outer, 33 years of age and living in Rotterdam together with my girlfriend. In my spare time you will find me in the mountains, on my mountain bike or at the local CrossFit box. I also like traveling and exploring new places.

On the 17th of August I started in my new role as Sales Manager. As a new addition to the team, I will help them with the further development and growth of this beautiful company.

My primary role as Sales Manager will be to enthuse new customers for the services that we provide. My focus will be the support of our new clients with the manufacturing and supply of small to medium sized series of parts/constructions which will be manufactured by our welding robots.

All current relations with our employees considering sales will stay in effect.

I gained my knowledge and experience in international sales at Stork Gears & Services. Due to this international role I was able to work with different types of customers and cultures.  In addition to this I’ve learned a great deal about the maritime and industrial sectors. Following on this period I’ve made a small side step as business developer for a predictive maintenance solution.

I can only say that I’m looking forward to this new challenge and to helping our client keeping their businesses running using our high quality welded constructions and assembled products.

Are you looking for a service minded company who makes your life easier and which supplies high quality installations and constructions? Or what we can do for you? Contact us at or call +31 318 796 023.

Ommeren Metaaltechniek has Cold Arc welding equipment available since February 2020.

This welding process is more efficient than other GMAW methods when the metal is thinner than 10 mm. The welding equipment detects a short circuit that sends a signal that causes the filler material to retract, cooling the seal time before each drop is placed. This leaves a smooth weld which is stronger than that of a hotter weld.

Video footage of Cold Arc Welding at Ommeren Metaaltechniek Ede

Recently we finished another great project, in which we fabricated several separator internals for a large refinery.

Several inlet devices, vertical vane packs for liquid/gas separation and some inlet sparger systems were fabricated by OMT.

Material of construction stainless steel, grade 316L, sour service application.

Engineering, manufacturing and welding professionals, partnering with you.

Final inspection of these pre-fabricated pressure parts with acceptance as result.

Stainless steel parts according to ASME VIII div 1 with part stamp and National Board registration will be used as Inlet Sections for Vent Silencers.

Engineering, manufacturing and welding by OMT.

Another well performed project by OMT with a happy customer as result, we don’t do it for less.

Just before the holidays, we completed another project and this bundle is now ready for packing and final shipment. OMT performed engineering, manufacturing, welding, testing and certification of this Hot Water / Waste Gas Heat Exchanger.

Design Code ASME VIII div 1, Code Stamped and client specifications. MOC Grade SS321.

Engineering, manufacturing and welding professionals, partnering with you.

Also in the need of process equipment? Contact our sales department.

After various locations in the Ede region in the late 1990s and finally settling in 2007 at the Lorentzstraat in Ede, OMT expands its production facilities in 2019 with 1600 m2 of production area and 40 tons of crane capacity. As a result, OMT now has more than 3000 m2 at its current location.

Besides the focus on certification for the international supply of welded technical solutions, OMT has also expanded its engineering capacity.

In this way, OMT anticipates on the developments within the equipment construction, whereby OMT positions itself as a chain partner. Of course, we also anticipate on the ambitions of our current partners and this expansion has a positive impact on our product portfolio.

OMT realizes with its team of specialists a variety of projects in equipment construction for different markets, in which the welded technical solutions are central. In addition, OMT focuses on the automated welding of structures and assembled parts.

In close cooperation with our client and partner Cor Filtration, we completed a high profile project which consists of an Offshore Water Filtration Skid (Seawater Coarse Filtration Package) for the Cassia Compression Project in Trinidad Tobago. The filter package (6x6x4 mtr, 45 tons), is designed to filter incoming seawater for further use by other process equipment on the platform.

The offshore skid frame, pressure vessels, filter internals and connecting piping & manifolds are all designed and fabricated in house by OMT in accordance with many/intensive client specifications.

The filtration vessels are Amiad make, type Omega 54K and fully designed according to ASME VIII Div. 1 and delivered with ‘U’ certification. MOC for the vessels is super duplex (grades S32750/S32760) with extensive additional testing’s. Manifolds and piping designed and fabricated according to ASME B31.3, MOC also super duplex.

Again we finished a technical advanced project on time, safe and without quality issues!

In partnership with our customer KCH Separation, we completed the ignition burner test and FAT of the KCH Mobile Flare Stack Silencer/Separator type MKIIISG.

This Flare has a single 12” gas flare stack with a height of 21mtr. and is especially designed for well testing in sour gas service. Together we covered the design, fabrication, testing and certification of this equipment. Job well done guys.

Engineering, manufacturing and welding professionals, partnering with you.

Also curious as to what is going on behind the doors of Ommeren Metaaltechniek at our location in Ede?

This is your chance to find out. On Saturday 3 August at 5 p.m. Ommeren Metaaltechniek can be seen on RTL-Z, in the program How it’s done.

In this special about our organization, the various processes at our business office and our factories are clearly illustrated. Of course, the beautiful products we make are fully featured.