Mission statement


OMT is a partner for our clients and the go to specialist for metal and equipment construction. Our goal is to unburden our clients by thinking along and offering a wide range of employability in the field of knowledge, innovation, flexibility and services. The goal is to meet customer needs and exceed expectations. Honest business, enthusiasm, transparency and open communication form an important basis, this is what we stand for.


As a partner, we provide our services to various customer groups in all a wide variety of industries.

We unburden our customers from the process industry with the manufacturing of pressure and process equipment, filters, piping, constructions and specialist welding.

We unburden our customers in the automotive, agriculture, mining, transport, civil engineering and earthmoving sectors by providing small and medium-sized series productions, single pieces and product development of sector-related products.

Our added value is thinking along, offering innovative total solutions, process and product optimisations, a solid and proven quality system, knowledge of (inter) national standards, designs, materials and welding, our flexibility and our high degree of service orientation.

Core Values

The core values of OMT are the framework of the organization and are important for our identity. They provide us with guidance and provide clients (stakeholders) with information about what can be expected from us. The core values are part of the vision and mission and are defined by the management of OMT as follows:

Service oriented;
By “service-oriented” we mean providing service to our clients where necessary. In many cases, a “problem” of our customer is our challenge. OMT does not easily say “no” to a client, but with the organisation we will look for a solution, a solution that is feasible and acceptable for all parties involved.

Our employees and business processes must be flexible in order to be able to offer the core value “service orientation” to our customers.

Knowledge of standards, materials, welding and manufacturing is part of our DNA. Knowledge must be present as widely as possible throughout our organization. The broad certification of OMT with regard to the following quality systems: ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, EN1090-1 EXC3, PED, VCA **, re-mark authorization and ASME U stamp are Unique Selling Points for our organization. The continuous improvement of our broad quality system is key to our organisation.

Coming up with and thinking along in developing solutions for existing challenges. The continuous development of our employees to be able to support customers more broadly and innovate in the technical processes to be able to work as efficiently as possible and with the latest techniques.

Our goal is long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. The starting point is knowing each other’s wishes and needs in order to get the best results possible.

Careful handling of raw materials, keeping pollution to a minimum. Long-term focus on the environment, but also with internal and external relations 

Efficient and effective;
Not only with regard to costs (time, materials and waste), but also with regard to employees and the objective of “not making the same mistakes” twice, but by learning to prevent them. The process approach (PDCA) and risk-based thinking are increasingly contributing to this.

Loyalty to clients, suppliers, but certainly no less important to employees. Keeping agreements with each other and communicating clearly about this.

Questions or looking for more information

Do you have questions about our company, strategy or what we can do for you? Or would you like to make a no-obligations appointment? For more information, please contact us via the contact form. For questions you can also call: 0318 414 999 or send us a mail info@omt.eu.