Given the major risks and consequences of not providing the right quality in the process industry, a high quality standard is a requirement. That is why we set high standards for the quality of our business processes and the products we supply. To ensure this, OMT has important quality certifications as shown below:
  • ISO 9001:2015
    OMT is ISO 9001 certified. This means that we meet the international requirements in the field of quality management.
  • ISO 3834-2
    OMT is ISO 3834-2 certified. ISO 3834 is the quality assurance standard for the fusion welding of metals. This standard consists of three different levels, of which ISO 3834-2 is the most comprehensive level for certification of welding activities. With ISO 3834-2, all welding activities to be performed are guaranteed.
  • ASME U-stamp
    OMT is ASME U-stamp certified. With this we meet the quality standard for the design and production of pressure equipment, such as pressure vessels and pressure parts.
  • PED (2014/68 / EU)
    We supply pressure equipment according to the PED (2014/68 / EU) directive. PED (2014/68 / EU) is the European quality standard for the marketing of pressure equipment.
  • Welding method qualifications
    Our welding methods are qualified according to ASME IX and ISO 15614. In many cases our welding method qualifications have been additionally tested with, for example, microstructure research, corrosion tests, impact temperatures, hardness measurements, etc.
  • Welder qualifications
    OMT’s welders and operators are ASME IX and ISO 9606 certified.
  • EN 1090-1 EXC 3
    OMT is EN 1090-1 EXC 3 certified. This certification gives OMT the authority to design, manufacture and supply complex structures, including CE marking. What is special is that we are certified to make constructions in a wide range of materials. Examples are constructions of stainless steel

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Questions or looking for more information?

Do you have a question about our quality system or one of our certificates? For more information, please contact us via the general contact form. For questions you can also call: +31 (0)318 414 999 or send an email to info@omt.eu.