Water filtration system

Complete water filtration skid for a gas production platform

In close cooperation with our client and partner Cor Filtration, we completed a high profile project which consists of an Offshore Water Filtration Skid (Seawater Coarse Filtration Package) for the Cassia Compression Project in Trinidad Tobago. The filter package (6x6x4 mtr, 45 tons), is designed to filter incoming seawater for further use by other process equipment on the platform.

The offshore skid frame, pressure vessels, filter internals and connecting piping & manifolds are all designed and fabricated in house by OMT in accordance with many/intensive client specifications.

The filtration vessels are Amiad make, type Omega 54K and fully designed according to ASME VIII Div. 1 and delivered with ‘U’ certification. MOC for the vessels is super duplex (grades S32750/S32760) with extensive additional testing’s. Manifolds and piping designed and fabricated according to ASME B31.3, MOC also super duplex.

The steel structure is designed in accordance with EN 1990 and is produced from carbon steel and provided with a 5-layer offshore coating to withstand the elements at sea.