Skid construction

Turn-key skids for the process industry

OMT is spesialized in constructing skids (the design, manufacturing and supply of skids and other processconstructions) for companies within the process industry. We can arrange the complete process for you from design and construction to testing and delivery

Skid construction

We have experience with building a many types of skids, ranging from simple to complex offshore water filtration skids. These skids are manufactured turn-key in order to ensure a efficient installation on-site.

To ensure that our skids are of the highest quality we design, calculate and draw the skids according multiple international designcodes such as, EN 1090-1/2, Eurocode or AWS.OMT is also EN-1090-1 EXC 3 certified.

Besides that, our skidbuilders are all ASME IX and ISO 9606 certified and meet the EN 15614-standard.

Are you looking for an experienced skid builder in the Netherlands to manufacture specific skid installations? At OMT we are happy to help you.


Questions or like to know more about skid construction?

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