Heat Exchangers

For high quality industrial heat exchangers

We have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and welding heat exchangers for the process industry. Heat exchangers come in all shapes and sizes, you can think of pipe / hull heat exchangers, but also air-cooled coolers or cooler / heater bundles.

We will work with you to find the best solution and determine which heat exchanger is most suitable for you.

High quality heat exchangers

As a supplier and producer of heat exchangers, we set high standards for quality. For the design, calculation and drawing of pressure equipment such as heat exchangers, we use various international design codes, such as the ASME VIII div1, ASME U-stamp, EN 13445, Rtod, Codap. In this way, our products meet the applicable design requirements.

We supply the products in accordance with the PED (2014/68 / EU) directive, the European quality standard for the marketing of pressure equipment. Our welders and operators are also ASME IX and ISO 9606 certified and our welding procedures meet the EN 15614 standard.

Are you looking for an experienced producer and supplier of heat exchangers? We think along with you and are happy to take over the production and delivery for you.

Question or like to know more about heat exchangers

Do you have a question about heat exchangers? Or would you like to make an appointment? For more information, please contact us via the general contact form. For questions you can also call: +31 (0) 318 419 999 or email info@omt.eu.