FAN Axle

We have extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality assembled parts for the automotive industry. With our state of the art welding robots we will be able to reduce manufacturing time and costs for customer specific parts or assemblies.

Whatever your question is, we will be happy to help you reduce your costs with our series production solutions.

High-quality parts

As a supplier of automotive parts, we set high standards for quality. We are always looking for improvements in the design and manufacturing process which will improve the assembly and reduces costs.

Our welders and operators are ASME IX and ISO 9606 certified and our welding procedures meet the EN 15614 standard.

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of parts or assemblies for the process industry? We are happy to help you.

Questions or just looking for more information about series production?

Do you have a question about series production? Or would you like to make an appointment without any obligation? Please contact us via the general contact form. For questions you can also call: +31 (0)318 419 999 or email