Mixing Tees for Technip Energies

Enhancing the performance of the world’s energy industry, that is the mission of Technip Energies.

We are proud to assist Technip Energies in their commitment to transform processes at their clients locations in order to drive the transition to a low-carbon future.

For an on-going project, OMT is manufacturing Mixing Tees and piping, which will find their way into the production process and are manufactured according the ASME B31.3 design code and PED2014/68/EU regulation.

The products are manufactured from #lowalloyed #chromiumm and #molybdenum) carbon steel SA-335 P22 and SA-234 WP22, making the products suitable for service in high temperatures. In order to ensure a perfect quality, several steps are taken by OMT during the production process, like:

– Full material traceability;
– Pre-heating of the material before welding;
– A post weld heat-treatment;
– Full check by use of several non-destructive test methods;
– Hydrostatic testing;
– Application of a coating for protection in aggressive/high temperature environments.

At this stage the products are ready for the final stage; Application of the coating

Another piece of fine craftsmanship from OMT.