Hydrogen is crucial for the energy transition, but how do you store it safely?

The Netherlands is determined to transition entirely to sustainable energy sources by 2050. In this pursuit of climate neutrality, hydrogen plays a significant role. Therefore, the government encourages the use of hydrogen through subsidies for hydrogen projects and hydrogen refuelling stations, among other initiatives. Our infrastructure enables efficient hydrogen transport and storage in large quantities. In this article, we take a closer look at how hydrogen contributes to a greener world and how to safely store and transport hydrogen.

Hydrogen as a sustainable energy source

To meet the European climate goals and make the Netherlands climate-neutral by 2050, there is a focus on a sustainable mix of energy sources, including renewable electricity and heat. Hydrogen is pivotal in this context because not all aspects of our energy system can be made sustainable with electricity alone. Sectors such as industry require high temperatures, which electricity cannot always provide. Furthermore, there is a need for sustainable energy when solar and wind energy are unavailable. The government is committed to furthering the development of sustainable hydrogen production and application.

Safe storage and transportation of hydrogen

Hydrogen is an extremely light and highly flammable gas, and it is used under pressure of up to 700 bar in mobility applications. Like any other gas, it is essential to handle it with care during production, storage, transport, and usage. The tanks used for hydrogen storage must meet specific and strict requirements. Hydrogen can be stored in various ways: as a gas under high pressure, in liquid form at extremely low temperatures, and even in chemical compounds. Incorrect storage can lead to the risk of explosions and gas leaks, posing significant security risks. To minimize these risks, it is essential for storage tanks to be both robust enough to withstand high pressure and be hermetically sealed to prevent leaks.

Production and design of high-quality storage tanks

The production of tanks for hydrogen storage is a complex process that demands precision and expertise. These tanks must not only withstand the high pressure of liquid hydrogen but also be completely gas-tight to prevent leaks. Specialized welding and precise material selection are crucial to meeting these requirements. Our certified professionals provide custom tanks and pressure vessels of the highest quality and safety, allowing you to invest in emerging hydrogen technology with confidence.

Tailer-made solutions for your specific requirements

At Ommeren, we understand that each situation is unique. Therefore, we offer tailor-made solutions precisely aligned with your specific needs. Thanks to our technical knowledge, we can create tanks and pressure vessels that meet rigorous technical requirements and can be easily integrated into your existing system. We emphasize high quality through the use of top-grade materials and advanced production methods. Our products conform to international standards such as PED 2014/68/EU, ASME VIII div.1, and EN 13455, ensuring both top quality and safety. Moreover, our products enable you to comply with the important ISO 14687:2019 standard for hydrogen quality.

Our specialized welding ensures durability and reliability, even in the most demanding conditions. Interested in turning today’s energy challenges into sustainable solutions for tomorrow? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are eager to assist you.