Expansion of facilities

After various locations in the Ede region in the late 1990s and finally settling in 2007 at the Lorentzstraat in Ede, OMT expands its production facilities in 2019 with 1600 m2 of production area and 40 tons of crane capacity. As a result, OMT now has more than 3000 m2 at its current location.

Besides the focus on certification for the international supply of welded technical solutions, OMT has also expanded its engineering capacity.

In this way, OMT anticipates on the developments within the equipment construction, whereby OMT positions itself as a chain partner. Of course, we also anticipate on the ambitions of our current partners and this expansion has a positive impact on our product portfolio.

OMT realizes with its team of specialists a variety of projects in equipment construction for different markets, in which the welded technical solutions are central. In addition, OMT focuses on the automated welding of structures and assembled parts.